The Tide Series

The Tide Series is an emotive – often dark – paranormal romance. It is the tale of a love that has survived for eight hundred years. Through that time, all who have been touched by it have fallen for the magic. All have tried to unlock its power. But every single one of them has met a miserable and tragic end.

Ancient Tide is a dark and atmospheric tale set in 1990. It is the story of Lauren Kennedy and James Jordan. Two lovers separated by circumstance yet connected by fate. Contained in the narrative are delightful if harrowing vignettes, snippets of centuries, each of which tells the story of the vain attempts of some of their forbears to grasp the gift of love that is dangled in front of them. 

Enduring Tide is the lighter, more contemporary sequel that brings the series to conclusion. It is the story of the sassy and independent Carmen and the Aussie ‘sparky’ Ryan. They have so little in common. Carmen quickly realises she could never fall in love with him – she doesn’t even like him. But it turns out that is the least of her problems when the past returns with a vengeance.