Simon Harding Author Ancient Tide
Simon Harding is an Anglo-Australian author. He was born in the UK and emigrated to Australia nearly fifteen years ago. 
Whenever he can, he’ll grab a book. Hopefully it’ll be Follett, Zafon, – or if there’s really time to immerse himself in a book without distraction, Rushdie – but honestly, Simon is happy to read anything. He firmly believes that every book, no matter how well written, contains a lesson for even the most experienced writer.
Simon has always loved writing, but fell out of love with literature at school when Shakespeare and Chaucer were thrust down his throat. As a hormonal teenager, iambic pentameter was rarely at the front of his mind. But there is a time and place for everything, and he has read much of the Bard in adult life, especially Romeo and Juliet. The unrequited tension between those two lovers of Verona has such synergy with the plight of the characters in Ancient Tide and its sequel, Enduring Tide.

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